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Apart from being a doting dad, I’m also a free spirited artist who’s always got a camera for company. Having grown up in God’s own country that is characterised by glistening backwaters and glorious sunsets, I didn’t have to look too far for a creative inspiration. After my Bachelors in Computer Science and 3D Animation, and a short stint in 3D visualisation and design, I decided to take a career detour and do what I was best at – explore the treasures of art and photography.
My earliest captures were with my mobile phone which paved the path to more serious photography in the years to come. I graduated to a film camera to document the drama of streets, the interplay of colours and the magic of moods. Since then there’s been no looking back. My enriching journey as a photographer has been fascinating to say the least. What’s more, this unforgettable journey has been preserved with frames that tell a unique story.